The RA – electronic instrument

My newest electronic instrument is this small version of the RA:


The RA is a breath synthesizer to play sounds and noises under full realtime control. The instrument is controlled by a breath sensor and touch sensors. It is named after the musical genius Sun Ra Рone of the pioneers of using electronics in  musical improvisation:


In this new incarnation of this idea the complete DSP is realized with a teensy 3.2 board from PJRC:

Additional the audio adaptor is used, some sensors and 10 resistors. The complet construction is build on a prototype board and stabilized with epoxy. Plug in ot a USB power supply and in an amp and it will play. The synth i use is writen from me in the arduino environment as an single object for the audio library of Paul Stoffregen.

Here a short video – sorry i have a bit runny nose, while i made this video ūüôā

In the next time i will post a concert video in which i use the new RA live in improvisation.