about me


Welcome to Michi’s nonlinear world

My name is Michael Breitenbach. I was born in 1967 in East Germany. I’m a Father of three and I live in an open relationship with Franziska Klimpel in Leipzig. My diet is vegan, because I respect the live and do not support factory farming.

I’m musician as performer, improviser, composer and teacher. My main instrument is the sopranosax. In Jazzorchestra I also play the altosax. Sometimes I play electronic sounds on selfmade insruments and the Akai EWI. Some of my favourite soprano players are Steve Lacy, Wayne Shorter and Evan Parker. Other early musical heroes of mine are Frank Zappa, Sun Ra, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk and many others. I grew up with the powerful Free Jazz of the GDR in the 80th – this is an important part of my tradition. An early teacher of me was Manfred Hering. I play lots off different kind of music in many projects. My musical main interests are Free Improvised Music, Jazz and Soundart. I have performed many concerts in Germany, Europa and outside Europa with a lot of famous musicians. I’m also active as a teacher for Saxophone and in musical projects for children.

Also I build synthesizers: I DIY hardware and software design of electronic sound instruments. Currently I experiment with a touch and breath sensitive instrument called “RA”. Its based on ARM-Cortex Microcontroller and self developed software. Mainly I’m interested on nonlinear sound synthesis methods like probabilistic waveform creation or granular synthesis, for example agorithms like Iannis Xenakis Gendy and other techniques far away from nature. The first programing language I have learned was Basic on an ostblock copy of the PDP11, today my favourite language for DSP is C.

Another interest of mine since i was a kid is photography. i will publish some of my work on this site. I do street photography, people, landscapes, structures, materials and find interesting geometry and constellations in every day live situations.

The intention for this Site/Blog is to announce my concerts, show my projects  and to write irregular articles about all themes that come to my mind and concern myself. Also i hope become better connected with other people with similar interests without having to use Facebook.

Michael Breitenbach